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Welcome to The Sensible Equestrian!

My name is Lila. I grew up on a horse farm in a small town in Pennsylvania. I was a long-distance rider for many years with my amazing Tennessee Walker mare, Georgie. Although I no longer compete in CTR’s (Competitive Trail Rides), I am still an avid trail rider and gaited horse lover. Being around horses 24/7 for the majority of my life taught me a great deal about horse care and training, although every horse I encounter teaches me even more!


This blog is designed to share my thoughts about things I see in the horse world, how I handle certain situations, what my methods are, and general horsey things. I am also encouraging reader participation on this blog. I have questions I want to ask and I want to hear answers from other horse people. This is a space for me to share my thoughts, but also for me to get answers and have discussions with other horse people. Please share this with other horse people you know so we can have some good discussions!

I want to make the lives of horses better by educating their humans, and continuing to learn myself. If you are in the Central Pennsylvania area and need help with your equine companion, send me an email at or send a message through this website.

Lila Ressler. Equestrian.


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