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A Horse's Purpose

It's not about the ribbons, or the glory that you'll get.

It's not about them running fast, so you can win a bet.

It's not about how high they jump, how fast they round the bend.

Horses aren't a trophy tool, a means to your own end.

It's about how wonderful they are, how lovely and serene.

It's about their calming presence and the joy they bring by being.

It's about a solid partnership, a strong and loving bond.

It's about you taking care of them, and of them being fond.

It's about taking the time to train them well and fair and kind.

It's about building relationship, a friendship that will bind.

It's about watching them run around a grassy pasture green.

It's about keeping their lives fulfilled, their needs to which you've seen.

A horse itself is glorious, a great creation made.

Do not forget this simple fact and make their glory fade.

There is also a "spoken word" version of this poem available on youtube. See link below.


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